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[Mixed Glitter] Mixed Green

[Mixed Glitter] Mixed Green

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1oz | Easy-to-store mini container
3oz | Our most popular size.
Economic, Great for refill!
10oz | Economical bulk pack
for your favorite color

Mixed Glitter- Glitter lovers’ dream!
Fine, chunky, crushed- you name it!
MARBELRS Mixed Glitter Series is the combination of 8 mind-blowing glitter
particles of super-fine holographic glitter, crushed color glitter, mermaid
chunky glitter, fine base color glitter, semi-transparent holographic hexagonal glitter, super-chunky rainbow glitter, shade color fine glitter and crushed holographic glitter to create a dazzling sparkle beyond your imagination.

MARBLERS Mixed Glitter Series come in 8 shades of white, silver, yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and grey.

Warning: it is sure to steal your heart instantly!

MARBLERS Cosmetic Glitters will make you stand out and special for any occasion or place- party, carnival, festival- simply sprinkle and be a star!

Vivid and intense, vibrant colors

Safe to use on skin and hair

Sweet and fun or gorgeous and daring? You decide!

Marblers Glitter is perfect for craft works and has outstanding
durability in both heat and solvent.

Heat Resistance
Holographic Series: 180℃-200℃
Rainbow Series: 160℃-200℃
Twinkle Series: 120℃-160℃

Solvent Resistance

Resistant to acid, alkali and solvent.
All of MARBLERS Glitters are solvent resistant.
However, soaking glitters in solvent for a long period of time is not recommended.


We have 13 amazing series and over 200 vibrant colors to choose from! All our colors are developed using special Marblers Code and will bring you unique pigmentation like no other! That is not all, new colors are released every season so stay tuned for more fun, gorgeous shades to come!


Over 200 vibrant colors to choose from

MARBLERS Cosmetic Series offers many options for color, tone, and texture.
You can create any look you desire with these sweet, shimmering, lustrous, sparkling, and fascinating magic pigments that will work wonders for you.
Its superior pigmentation and vibrancy will take you to the next level of expressing your unique beauty and vibe!

Add a dazzle to your look for the special day!
MARBLERS Cosmetic Glitter is the perfect product to create a stunning glittery effect for your face, body, hair and nail.
MARBLERS Cosmetic Glitter is cosmetic grade, which means it is non-toxic and safe to use on body.
You can create your own eye shadow, lip stick, lip balm, blusher, bronzer, body/face tattoo, hair glitter gel and so much more to express yourself in a unique way.
It is highly concentrated and packed with intense pigment to give you rich color even when used sparingly.
These iridescent and sparkly glitters are sure to enchant you in the first sight!

Glitter Gel & Primer

Peel-off Glitter Gel

This clear gel comes in a clear 0.33 fl. oz (10ml) tube with a no-mess applicator stick.
It works like glue to fix the glitter in the desired area, keeping it glamorous and sparkly for as long as you want through any parties, concerts and festivals.
It is strong enough to hold glitters with large particles and can build thick layer without the glitters running down.
MARBLERS Peel-off Glitter Gel


Apply with the no-mess applicator stick in the tube and let it dry slightly until tacky and place your favorite glitter by gently pressing it on the area.
Let dry and enjoy the glamorous sparkle! To remove, wash off with water and soap while gently rubbing it.
If applied in a thick layer, you can simply peel it off- no mess, no trouble!
Glitter Gel & Primer

Marblers Glitter Primer

This creamy primer comes in a 0.33 fl. oz (10ml) plastic tube which makes it easy to control the amount per use.
It works like make-up primer to create a smooth, silky canvas for your glitter make-up.
It improves the illumination and color pigmentation while holding the glitter in place for hours.
MARBLERS Glitter Primer


Squeeze the tube and apply on clean, dry skin.
Spread in a thin layer using a brush or fingertip and apply your favorite glitter on top.
Allow to dry.
Do not make the layer too thick as it will take extra time to dry.
To remove, simply wash off with water and soap while gently rubbing it.

MARBLERS Cosmetic Series

Special pigments that is safe to use for your lip products such as lipstick, lip balm and lip tint.


Made from natural and non-toxic mica, MARBLERS Cosmetic Mica Powder is superior in its high pigmentation and delivers rich and intense color even when used sparingly.


MARBLERS Cosmetic Glitter Series come in various particle size and type; Chunky, Fine, Crushed, Mixed and Mermaid. You will fall in love with the dazzling sparkles instantly!


The smartest invention in the history of pigment! This revolutionary mixture of MARBLERS Cosmetic Mica and MARBLERS Cosmetic Glitter is a sensational product that delivers the rich color of MARBLERS Mica and stunning sparkles of MARBELRS Glitter. Want to look special? Look no more because MARBELRS Glica is just the thing for you!