BandDers Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing global manufacturing
startup with multiple subsidiaries, which produces innovative crystal-clear
epoxy resin, cosmetic-grade pearlescent pigment, and cosmetic-grade glitter. Established
in 2018 as an interior design and construction company, our R&D department
started to experiment crosslinking existing construction materials and
non-construction materials in innovative ways to form brand new construction,
craft, and cosmetic materials. In 2019, we launched cosmetic-grade MARLBERS®
colorant with over 200 different color options. In 2020, after two years of
research and development of epoxy, we started to produce special epoxy resin.
With growing demand, we decided to move our headquarter in 2021 from Seoul to
Yongin to expand our manufacturing facility.


MARLBERS® colorant is made up of over 100
cosmetic-grade mica powder colorant selections and over 100 cosmetic-grade
glitter selections. Our products are developed and manufactured by BandDers in
our Korean factory and are unique in colors and superior in its rich
pigmentation. The MARBLERS® colorant selection is currently
one of the best sellers on We are creating and launching new colors
every month, so please stay subscribed to our blog posts to keep up to date.

Crysin® is selection of special epoxy
resin which can be used for deep pour and casting, Fast-curing, sub-zero
temperature (<32°F) curing, and flexibility required projects. Crysin has
low odor and zero VOC and superior in clarity.

Glica® is a unique combination of cosmetic-grade
mica and glitter mixture colorant with shimmery effects with its particle size
is between 10-200μm. Unique, vivid colors with ravishing glittering effect creates
out-of-this-world sparkle.


We are here to provide quality products and services to both
retail customers and businesses in different sizes. We offer mica and glitter
in many different sizes option to meet our customers’ need. Not only we can
provide OEM/ODM for both epoxy resin and cosmetic-grade colorant, but also,
provide white-label products of our best-selling resin and colorant products.
Our resin and colorant can be sold as white-label product in different size