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[Matte] Black

[Matte] Black

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✔ EXPLOSION OF VIVID COLOR WITH CLEAN MATTE FINISH: Create depth and richness with classy matte finish
✔ HIGHLY-CONCENTRATED: Packed with intense color, little goes a long way with this super-saturated pigment.
✔ MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: Epoxy resin, art and craft, paints and so much more!
✔ RESEALABLE PACKAGING FOR MULTIPLE USE: Easy to open, close, carry and store so you can work anywhere and anytime

Particle Size

Matte Powder : 0.1 – 50μm

Prime Mica : 10 – 60µm
Pearl Mica : 40 – 200µm
Synthetic Mica : 10 – 60µm
Neon Powder : 10 – 60µm
Glow Powder : 1 – 5µm
Glica : 10 – 200µm
Fine Glitter : 1/128" (0.2mm)
Chunky Mixed : 1/128" – 1/16" (0.2-1.6mm)
Chunky Mermaid : 1/16" (1.6mm)
Chunky Shape : 1/128" – 1/4" (0.2-6.5mm)

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5g(6ml) Mica/Glitter Container
Length: 1.53" (38.8mm)
Width: 1.53" (38.8mm)
Height: 0.84" (21.4mm)

1oz Mica Container
Length: 3.1" (79mm)
Width: 3.1" (79mm)
Height: 1.52" (38.5mm)

1.5oz Glitter Shaker
Length: 1.9" (48mm)
Width: 1.9" (48mm)
Height: 3.3" (84mm)

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1oz | Easy-to-store mini container
3oz | Our most popular size.
Economic, Great for refill!

MARBLERS Colorants
MARBLERS Colorants comes in over 200 different beautiful shades.
Most of our colors are between 10-60μm with soft shimmering pearlescent effects.
20 different Pearl Series is 40-200μm which means the glittery particles are much bigger.
If you are looking for mica with big pearls, try our pearl series!

Works Best with Clear Base
MARBLERS Colorants work best with clear base products such as resin, clear paint or acrylic etc.
If you are using white base medium with MARBLERS Colorants,
you might get lighter, pastel looking result.
If you mix white base or other color base medium with dark shade colors such as Wood Brown, Coffee Brown, Fine Navy, Khaki or Musky Purple, you might get a grayish result so we recommend doing a small sample test before working on big projects to achieve the best color result.

MARBLERS Matte Colorants - 5 different rich shades

MARBLERS matte colorant comes in 5 beautiful vivid shades. All matte colors are highly concentrated – only a small amount will give you a bright, vivid color result!

"Due to its high concentration and sustaining strength, colors may be difficult to remove once applied on contact surfaces. Please ensure to wear gloves before commencing the application process. "

Instructions: For best result, mix MARBLERS matte colorants into a clear base product such as resin, clear urethane, varnish and etc. If you are using white base medium such as white concrete or white tile grout with MARBLERS Colorants, you might get a lighter result.

Always do a small sample color test before working on a big project to get the perfect shade you desire.

Matte Black colorant is a very low-density pigment which means the volume of the pigment is around 250% of it’s weight. This is why the weight of this product is 1.5oz but the volume is much greater than our usual 3oz products.

Super Fine Pigment
MARBLERS Matte Color Series are highly concentrated super fine pigments.
Because of it's fine particles, the volume is much greater than the weight.
Please refer to the volume percentage on the above image.