Q: Can I use these micas for bath bomb/ body soap/body butter?
A: Our micas are cosmetic grade and safe to be used in body products such as body soaps and body butter, however, due to the nature of bath bombs being used in a setting where the user soaks the entire body in the water with the bath bomb in it, it is recommended to use LIP SAFE colorants for bath bombs.

Q: What is the difference between ‘Pearl’ and ‘Prime’ mica?
A: Our 'Prime' series are natural mica powder with particle size between 10-60um and our 'Pearl' series are natural mica powder with particle size between 40-200um.

Q: What is 'Lip-Safe' mica?
A: Our 'Lip-Safe' mica powder is synthetic mica powder which you can use to make your DIY lip products, as well as other make-up products such as eye shadows and blusher.

Q: Can I use this for lip gloss color?
A: All of our colorants are safe to be used on skin. However, some blues and greens may not be suitable to use in lip products. Please choose from our ‘Lip-Safe’ range for any colors to use in lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm .

Q: Can your mica be used in epoxy?
A: Yes, our colorant works great with epoxy.

Q: Can I use your mica for resin art?
A: Yes, MARBLERS Colorants give you great results when used with resin.

Q: Will these mica powders make an opaque color or a transparent color?
A: Our mica powder is adjustable from opaque to transparent depending on the amount of mica added to epoxy. Generally, 2-4% of mica powder in epoxy will create an opaque color and less than 2% will start to give transparency.

Q: Are your products ethically sourced without using child labor?
A: All of our mica powder is ethically sourced, and they are also cruelty-free.

Q: Can this be used with automotive paint ?
A: Yes, our mica powders can be used with automotive clear urethane paint.

Q: To make nail polish, do I just mix the colorants with my clear base?
A: Yes, you can mix any of our ‘Mica’, ‘Glitter’, ‘Neon’, ‘Glow In The Dark’ or ‘Glica’ series in clear base to make nail polish. Our glitters are very popular for nail art.

Q: If I use your mica in soap or bath bomb, will it stain the tub and the skin?
A: MARBLERS colorants are cosmetic grade and will not stain your sink when used in natural soap. When adding our colorant to make bath bomb, please include polysorbate 80 to prevent colorant staining the bathtub.

Q: What is the difference between the ‘Holo’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Twinkle’ glitters?
A: Our ‘Holographic Series’ are holographic colors, which shows multiple colors based on light reflection. Our ‘Unicorn Series’ are similar to our ‘Holographic Series’, but it is in pastel holographic colors instead. Lastly our ‘Twinkle Series’ is single color glitters.

Q: Can I use these colorants with interior paint?
A: Yes, MARBLERS colorant can be added to interior paint. If you add the colorant to clear base paint, you will have a paint with true color and if you mix the colorant with white base paint, the final paint color will be lighter and slightly pastel-looking.